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For Sam

There’s been a misunderstanding
The worst kind of mistake
A ship has sailed before it’s time
Hearts broken in it’s wake.

How can this have happened?
That question will remain
Once where there were hopes and dreams
Now there’s only pain.

A crime has been committed
Someone ought to pay
The world was robbed of something good
When Sam was taken away.

What could be the reason?
Did we do something wrong?
A light went out - our days are dark
Now that he is gone.

Someone’s head should roll for this
There isn’t any gain
Once there was laughter and sun
Now there’s only rain.

We cannot make any sense of it
It’s just beyond belief
Relationships once easy
Tainted now with grief.

There’s only one thing I would ask
If I meet God tomorrow
Why did this have to happen Lord
I really need to know.

An error of judgment has occurred my Lord
The evidence is stacked
When Sam came to your door that night
You should have sent him back.

“Auntie” Carol


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