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My Heart’s A Place You’ll Always Lie

Sam I just can’t believe you’re gone,
Sue, Az and Nad you watch upon,
Shining down from way up above,
Sorrow we feel, it’s you we love,
Sense of it all, I just can’t make,
Such a great pal they had to take,
Sharing and helpful, that was you,
Spirit and knowledge, you had too.

A friend like family, strong and true,
A footy fan, red over blue,
A musical lad, rap and dance,
A hard house beat or funky trance,
A handsome chap but never vain,
A shoulder when others felt their pain,
A sportsman, always gave his all,
A son, a brother, standing tall.

Mates forever we’ll always be,
Memories for eternity,
Many football games in the park,
Movie watching ‘til after dark,
Mischief making about the school,
Messing around, playing the fool,
Maybe for now this is goodbye,
My heart’s a place you’ll always lie.

(A tribute to the life and friendship of Samir Bencheikh by Joseph Stewart)


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